~ underwater conversations.

Underwater and in space, everything moves slowly and gracefully.

[Image credit: Ever so wonderful Maura Biava.]
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all the classical movies waiting to be watched,
all the pranks waiting to be done,
all the potentially-going-to-fail dessert recipes,
all the sorry-sorry-I-know-it’s-not-funny-but-I-cannot-stop-laughing-come-on-baby-don’t-be-like-that’s,
all the my-feet-are-cold-warm-them-pretty-please’s,
all the no-you-cannot-leave-before-we-make-up’s,
all the what-do-you-mean-it’s-not-cold-take-this-scarf’s,
all the here-comes-the-rain-let’s-run-outside’s
all the thanks-for-the-note-in-my-sandwich-it-gave-an-extra-taste-to-it’s,
all the it’s-not-us-it’s-them-so-let’s-keep-on-making-fun-of-them’s,
all the this-was-meant-to-be’s.
all the I’m-so-mad-at-you-I-could-eat-you-up-with-bones-and-all’s
all the freedom-of-two,
all the we’re-weird-like-that’s,
one half-eaten pizza,
handpressed papers, ribbons, crayons,
a gramophone,
a couple of dictionaries,
two pillows.

Sometimes a story only matters because of the person you want to share it with.

Maybe because I make funny voices when I tell stories, or because I love sit-coms with silly jokes. Maybe because I lack the grace and ‘eat my teeth red’ on cherries or because I’m too loud, too proud, too weak and too strong, too tempered over things for too long. Maybe because my image is mightier than me and my super-hero costume isn’t shiny. Or maybe because I need too many answers or ask too many questions. Maybe because I dance when I have to pee, or maybe because I’m not ambitious enough when it’s about me. Maybe because I’m a drifter or maybe because I’m always there, maybe because I forget I’m clumsy and ride my bike with my hands in the air. Maybe because I lead armies, attacking windmills, maybe because I admire things from past centuries. Maybe because I’m like a pawn, running before the queen, getting killed as the first one, in the very first scene. Maybe because I love too much and need too much love in return or maybe because I hurt too easily and heal too fast yet never learn. Or maybe because I couldn’t find the magic word to break the spell, maybe because I’m too much of a mystery in my own shell. 

[Cosmic Girl by Jae Liu WUBAO.]

~ “Nothing that has meaning is easy, ”Easy” doesn’t enter into grown-up life.” ― Michael Caine

As of Thursday, I will be entering the ‘grown-up life’. As a person who never needed ‘easy’, maybe at least things will make sense then or maybe I will get answers to a few questions that happen to puzzle me. Maybe then, I will understand what makes people do certain things they do, why they chose to deceive and manipulate each other and don’t care much for honesty. Maybe then I will understand the games ‘grown-up’s play.

Well, maybe -and most possibly- everything will stay the same. But for now, it’s the beginning of something good, so wish me luck, tumblr.

[The quote is from this post of this isn’t happiness. I prefered another picture of Michael Caine which I happen to love.]

~ On my way home, I’ve played ‘hide and seek’ with a bird.

He won.

~ The Easter cake I have mentioned a couple of days ago has this ingredient I have a crush on. The smell, the taste. I just love it.

Today I found out that that spice is made out of the seeds of a cherry type: St. Lucie Cherries!

Ahh, that explains! ;)

~ How many springs does it take for a burnt forest to bloom again?

[Artwork : Nine Inch Nails - Ghosts I-IV 2]