~ underwater conversations.

Underwater and in space, everything moves slowly and gracefully.

[Image credit: Ever so wonderful Maura Biava.]
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[‘always the’ by Emmanuelle Brisson.]

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Dave Gahan

~ Something in your eyes / I wanted it for myself.

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[Artwork by Januz Miralles.]

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Leonard Cohen,
Live in London

~ “If it be your will 
    That I speak no more 
    And my voice be still 
    As it was before
    I will speak no more
    I shall abide until
    I am spoken for
    If it be your will.”

~ “Why do I save all of this madness
     In the nightstand drawer
     There to haunt upon my shoulders.
     Baby I know
     I’d be luckier to walk around everywhere I go
     With a blind and broken heart
     That sleeps beneath my lapel.”

[Image: “nightmare” by ~wiersz.]

~ “And the rain sets in.

[Sleepwalker by Brooke Shaden.]

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"You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed. You are responsible for your rose." — The Little Prince

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~ “These words in shadowplay
     Here and now, long and loud
     My heart cries out
     And the naked bone of an echo says
     Don’t walk away.”