~ underwater conversations.

Underwater and in space, everything moves slowly and gracefully.

[Image credit: Ever so wonderful Maura Biava.]
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~ “Take me, I am the drug;
    Take me, I am the hallucinogenic.” 

[color by Margaret Durow.]

~ “Blue skies over my head
    Give me another reason to get out of bed
    And blue skies shine on my face.”
[x-I-x by Felix von der Weppen.]

~ “And the rain sets in.

[Sleepwalker by Brooke Shaden.]

~ ”Ballet de Plastique

[Ephemera by Mark Laita.]

~ “I knew from the start 
    It had to be the place for me 
    Someone that I would die for 
    There’s no way I could ever leave.”

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